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Managing a Complex Sales Process

Presentation Transcript: managing a complex sales process basic sales funnel leads -> sales funnel -> orders complex customer needs => complex sales process a typical process requirements map solutions budget costs configure solution proposal order complex sales process => workflow model workflow model milestones – progress indicators – work hand-over points – business rules roles […]

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The Ideal Sales Pipeline Value – solution selling expert’s view

What is the ideal number of opportunities that we should have in our sales pipeline? If there are too many, we run the risk of not having enough time to devote to them all, and if we have too few, we may not achieve achieve our sales targets. CJ Warstler, Director – Sr. Consultant, Sales […]

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Managing Business by Remote Control

Business owners and managers usually spend most of their time managing their operations to make their businesses work. Business scalability is compromised to maintain cash flow. The most difficult challenge of the business owner or manager is to create free time – to work on strategies to scale the business, or to just enjoy the fruits of labour. […]

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The Secret behind Effective Sales Management

Emily FITZGERALD has an interesting post on the secret behind effective sales management: The secret behind effective sales management is simple: manage activities and measure results. Sounds simple but the misunderstanding lies in the fact that the link between activities and results is very short in demand fulfillment functions (entering customer orders today means shipping […]

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Complex Sales Challenges

Complex sales is where the process of mapping the customer’s need or problem to the product or service requires considerable time and effort. Typically, complex sales involves long sales cycles, involves multiple decision makers, is highly unpredictable and therefore very risky. In this presentation, we cover the challenges involved in complex sales from the view […]

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Feature Changes: Workspace dashboard menu with Activity List and Pipeline

On2Biz facilities have been divided into two sections: Workspace – where the user manages and reports activities and processes Reports – where the user analyzes performance through various types of reports Each of these sections have the corresponding menu, which acts like a dashboard for quick access to the facilities in the section. We review […]

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Lead Management: What is a lead and how to qualify leads?

Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch, Inc. and author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale (McGraw-Hill 2006) maintains a blog for B2B Lead Generation. He is an expert in B2B marketing, lead generation and complex sales. He wrote an interesting article in the Target Magazine which talks about “What’s a Lead?”. In a post on […]

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Why do you need a CRM or Sales Force Management System?

As individual sales persons, we are quite adept at managing our sales process. We have been doing pretty well without any “systems”. So why do we need one? The simple answer: To grow your sales! You can drastically improve your sales performance. Not just tweak it, but take it to the next level! Managing customer […]

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