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Product Development and Teamwork

Yesterday, Ashish – our usability expert, came up to me expressing his concern about whether his work is adding value, and does it make sense to continue working. I shared with him some lessons about working on a product as compared to working on projects, and about teamwork, which I think is relevant to all […]

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How safe is your data in On2Biz?

With the recent declaration by Google to offer a paid version of its web applications such as Gmail, calendar, and online document editors – collectively called Google Apps, the Software As A Service (SaaS) model has become mainstream. Now the discussion of the core issues relating to SaaS are being actively discussed, and hopefully will […]

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Using the sales pipeline report for key performance indicators

Conventionally, sales performance is measured by the value of orders closed. Sales persons are assigned targets, and their incentives are based on their ability to meet these targets. However, merely meeting targets does not ensure consistency of sales performance, effective utilization of sales resources, accurate target assignments, or effective sales conversions. This article shows how […]

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Feature Changes: Workspace dashboard menu with Activity List and Pipeline

On2Biz facilities have been divided into two sections: Workspace – where the user manages and reports activities and processes Reports – where the user analyzes performance through various types of reports Each of these sections have the corresponding menu, which acts like a dashboard for quick access to the facilities in the section. We review […]

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Keeping It Simple is Not So Easy! (KISNOSE)

One of the biggest challenges in On2Biz development is to manage a complex set of features required for users to manage their business online, while keeping the interface as simple as possible. One of the gurus of Web application design, Luke Wroblewski describes in an article on UX Matters, a magazine for usability titled “The […]

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On2Biz virtual development team, thanks to open source

I recently met someone who sells Microsoft CRM to companies in the Middle East. When I demonstrated On2Biz to him, he was really impressed with how much we have achieved. But he raised one important question about On2Biz – how can you compete with the likes of Microsoft with their huge development team, marketing and […]

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Why do you need a CRM or Sales Force Management System?

As individual sales persons, we are quite adept at managing our sales process. We have been doing pretty well without any “systems”. So why do we need one? The simple answer: To grow your sales! You can drastically improve your sales performance. Not just tweak it, but take it to the next level! Managing customer […]

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