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Managing a Complex Sales Process

Presentation Transcript: managing a complex sales process basic sales funnel leads -> sales funnel -> orders complex customer needs => complex sales process a typical process requirements map solutions budget costs configure solution proposal order complex sales process => workflow model workflow model milestones – progress indicators – work hand-over points – business rules roles […]

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The Secret behind Effective Sales Management

Emily FITZGERALD has an interesting post on the secret behind effective sales management: The secret behind effective sales management is simple: manage activities and measure results. Sounds simple but the misunderstanding lies in the fact that the link between activities and results is very short in demand fulfillment functions (entering customer orders today means shipping […]

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How effective is your sales process?

Managing your sales process is expensive. And if you are in the information technology or related industry, you are not alone. Carl Rahn Griffith, founder of egoboss, a highly respected consulting and advisory firm in the information technology industry comments on his blog: Across the tech vendor community, approximately 50% of marketing investment is allocated […]

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Sales Cycle Time – a critical metric for measuring performance

In the previous post on sales performance analysis, we talked about how certain key performance indicators can be used to measure sales performance. Now armed with some of the feedback from users of On2Biz and further validated by a great post by Lori Grant on Smart Lemming, there is a new sales metric on the […]

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Using the sales pipeline report for key performance indicators

Conventionally, sales performance is measured by the value of orders closed. Sales persons are assigned targets, and their incentives are based on their ability to meet these targets. However, merely meeting targets does not ensure consistency of sales performance, effective utilization of sales resources, accurate target assignments, or effective sales conversions. This article shows how […]

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Customer / Partner Relationship Management facilities in On2Biz

On2Biz relationship management module provides facilities for managing relationships with companies, including customers, distributors or any other type of relationship. The objective of this modules is to ensure that we are prioritizing our activity across our entire database of companies. Usually activity gets prioritized based on immediate need. However, with the relationship management module, You […]

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Lead Management: What is a lead and how to qualify leads?

Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch, Inc. and author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale (McGraw-Hill 2006) maintains a blog for B2B Lead Generation. He is an expert in B2B marketing, lead generation and complex sales. He wrote an interesting article in the Target Magazine which talks about “What’s a Lead?”. In a post on […]

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