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Managing Business by Remote Control

Business owners and managers usually spend most of their time managing their operations to make their businesses work. Business scalability is compromised to maintain cash flow. The most difficult challenge of the business owner or manager is to create free time – to work on strategies to scale the business, or to just enjoy the fruits of labour. […]

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Case Study : Insurance and Financial Products Sales

Ace Money is part of a group of 3 companies, with approximately 50 offices across Maharashtra and approximately 500 employees. They provide various value added services in the financial and insurance sector including credit cards, general insurance, home loans & personal loans. Anand Shrikhande is the owner, who wants to expand his business & wants […]

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How effective is your sales process?

Managing your sales process is expensive. And if you are in the information technology or related industry, you are not alone. Carl Rahn Griffith, founder of egoboss, a highly respected consulting and advisory firm in the information technology industry comments on his blog: Across the tech vendor community, approximately 50% of marketing investment is allocated […]

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Keeping It Simple is Not So Easy! (KISNOSE)

One of the biggest challenges in On2Biz development is to manage a complex set of features required for users to manage their business online, while keeping the interface as simple as possible. One of the gurus of Web application design, Luke Wroblewski describes in an article on UX Matters, a magazine for usability titled “The […]

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Why do you need a CRM or Sales Force Management System?

As individual sales persons, we are quite adept at managing our sales process. We have been doing pretty well without any “systems”. So why do we need one? The simple answer: To grow your sales! You can drastically improve your sales performance. Not just tweak it, but take it to the next level! Managing customer […]

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