• Your work involves jobs that require performing a sequence of steps by different people spread across multiple locations
  • You need to ensure that all jobs are done on time
  • You need to ensure that you are utilizing your people’s skills and time optimally
  • You need to monitor the history of work done on each job
  • You want to know when a job is stuck and where, before it ends up getting delayed
  • You want maintain regular follow-ups to each customer even if there are no jobs on hand


  • Provides a web based platform for tracking all jobs
  • Maintains all customers, suppliers and other business associates in one central database
  • New jobs can be added for any customer, and assigned to the people responsible
  • For each job, provides a checklist of steps to be completed in the form of milestones
  • As each step or milestone is completed, the person responsible can report the information via the web or by sms
  • Keeps track of tasks and appointments for each job, with email and sms alerts to persons responsible
  • Keeps track of all the documents related to each job
  • Keeps track of payments received and expenses on each job
  • Allows each person responsible for a job to review the progress
  • Allow managers to review jobs for their respective teams
  • Keeps a record of the history of jobs done for each customer
  • Provides top management, a summary of work done in any period of time